Jolene Everleigh · 16 answers · 12mo

What was your favorite toy when you were a child?

BARBIE! i used to have lots of barbie at home. every time i go out with mom, buy a new barbie is a must thing to do or i'll be upset

Not really a toy, but I love othello back then. It was my favourite of all favourites and I'm so happy to played it with my siblings.

Mobil-mobilan yang pakai remote itu, tapi fun fact ini mainan gak pernah awet ditangan gue. Kaya paling lama umurnya cuma 2 minggu habis itu rusak, gak ngaruh mau yang mahal mau yang murah intinya mah abis 2 minggu pasti tau-tau gak mau nyala lagi. 😞

Hey apa cuma aku yang mainan daun diuleg pake batu terus dioseng sama tanah, terus dijual ke temen-temen (bikin nasi goreng ceritanya)

I don’t know what her name is, but I named her, “Molly” back then! She was sweet and charming at the same time :3c she has been a very good friend to me since I was little! She always smiles, and she keeps the pink hat she has 🎩

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