wHT- cc??!

watch your words, they can be hurtful!

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Navelyn M. · 15 answers · 8mo

What would you guys do if you found out that your bf/gf was cheating on you?

marah, kecewa, sedih.. idk what i'm going to do, but i think i will spend my nights crying and thinking that i don't deserve to be loved at all. if i had enough, i choose to break up with them.

Gebiel Edelio · 17 answers · 8mo

Hobi kalian akhir akhir ini apa?

nyanyi! even aku tau suara aku gak sebagus itu and sering crack but i love to sing! 🤍⭐

Audy · 3 answers · 9mo

Would you recommend me any love songs or happy songs? I've been searching for it to light up my mood lately. Thank you, sweetlings! <3

since aku lagi suka lagu reality club jadi aku saranin.. am i bothering you! setiap dengerin itu aku langsung joget joget :D atau you can listen to 'berdansalah, karir ini tak ada artinya' by hindia!!

겁이 많은 고양이 · 9mo

cc bff apa kabar…. kangen bgt HAiii 😥😥😥‼️ semoga bahagia sesalu cacayaaang :0

HAAAI BFF :( ini siapaaa, SINI DM AKU nanti kita sapa sapaan lagi.. THANK YOU SM, i hope you tooOKK!!! 🤍⁉

Karicia. · 37 answers · 9mo

tell me ur favorite 'galau' playlist all the time, pwease?

MY OWN PLAYLISSSTT! ada playlistku namanya "if u see me listening to this playlist then what i'm doing is crying" 😢😢😢😢

Gerrard. · 10 answers · 9mo

Kalian kalo ke kafe, biasanya pesan minuman apa?

Karicia. · 27 answers · 9mo

who can't wait for the weekend?what do you usually do on the weekend?

not me.. t____t mau weekend atau engga selalu kayak hari biasa banyak kegiatannya dan capek :<

Avery Grambs · 10 answers · 10mo

what’s something you got away with as a child and your parents still don’t know about?

PACARAN... sampe sekarang kayaknya orang tua aku engga tau kalo aku pernah pacaran padahal they tell me not to :D

Navelyn M. · 3 answers · 9mo

What will u guys do when ur gf/bf is suddenly clingy n crying?

Gerrard. · 5 answers · 9mo

What's your current favorite song? The most repeated one.

Gebiel Edelio · 9 answers · 9mo

Weekend is on the way! Any plan for tomorrow?

belajaaaar! karena lagi ujian dan hari senin itu pelajarannya ada fisika! (aku kurang ngerti soal fisika jadi huh hah harus belajar dari sekarangg) 0___0 kalo kakak ada plan apaa?

Avery Grambs · 13 answers · 10mo

do you believe in manifesting? have you ever done it?

eee.. i do..? but also 50:50 cause i thought prayer and manifestation were one and the same (tapi masih belum yakin banget dan belum banyak denger kalo both of them has the same meaning)! and yes! i have :D

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