Library in Edinburgh.
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edith 鈽 5 answers 5mo

what's on your top 3 watchlist right now

edith 鈽 7 answers 5mo

which song have you ever put a specific person in it?

edith 鈽 6 answers 5mo

what do you think is the best way to detach from someone you're still in love with?

There's a saying 鈥淏e so rooted in yourself that nobody鈥檚 absence or presence can disturb your inner peace.鈥 camkan dan terapkan itu. :]

edith 鈽 8 answers 5mo

what do you think is the best keywords to describe me

Sunshine, vibrant colors, kids playground, childhood memory, love, kindness, and warmth.


I'll be the 1st to ask "do you set your eyes on someone?" to you in 2024 馃檴

Eh.. 馃槼 resolusiku tahun ini ngga ada naksir-naksir orang lagi yaa, tapi kalo ada yang naksir aku boleh banget kok.



Anonymous Coward 路 5mo

Aku nafsu banget ma km.

Anonymous Coward 路 5mo

Do you set yours eyes on someone?

Hi.. I'm truly sorry for my late response. I don't and I'm not planning to have one (hopefully) for a very, very long time, sih.

Anonymous Coward 路 6mo

Have you ever listened to music from the 90's?

I'm a heavy listener of a band that is formed in 90's (Radiohead to be blunt), soo yeaa :>

Anonymous Coward 路 6mo

Do you prefer to watch movies or read books?

Since I've been sHoo busy with life (asik) it's hard for me to keep up with books (since I'm the type to value every single words deeplyy), as for now I can only keep up with watching movies, so I'd rather to choose it!

edith 鈽 6 answers 6mo

would you still keeping me around if a witch turned me into a minion?

DEFINITELY YES!! aggressively pressing the 'would' button I lobEE u just the way u are!! Jadi kamu mau wujudnya minion pun aku tetep cinta edun SEDUNIA 馃構馃

edith 鈽 7 answers 7mo

5 ediths or 5 years old edith

Gaada bedanya dun semua sama sama bokem!! But it's okay I can handle you 馃槣馃

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