the f00fy one asked 5 months ago

Are you sane? (No judgment implied, I'm not.)

the f00fy one

Are you sane? (No judgment implied, I'm not.)

I was born broken and raised badly, I become strong against my will and Insane by choice

probably not. i don't know. i'll find out eventually

Maybe, I don't feel like it, I'm living with people who are insane, does that make me insane too? I'm going insane.

Maybe I am, maybe I'm not idk. I guess it depends on the person really.

Intellectually I'm pretty sane, emotionally I'm not (not that I'm psychopathic, narcissistic, violent, or pretty much anything else that's common)

I am "sane," clinically, just neurodivergent. And weird. 😆

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