Feodora Levindore asked about 1 year ago · 12 answers

How do you cope with anger?

I will take time to calm myself down and take a breath then say "ANJING" before I tell myself that it's enough and move on.

Well, on a serious note, I need to talk it out with people. I need someone to listen to my ramblings, it makes me feel better after that.

self-reflect :} mikir di ‘masalah’ ini aku sendiri salahnya dimana ya? aku baru bisa asertif setelah self-reflect, jadi aku sll diem dulu kl lagi emosi

i took my own space just to clear out my mind, cooling myself down up till i know what i gotta do for it.

I have the same question since I can't control my anger kalau di jalan apalagi habis ada rekayasa lalu lintas astaghfirullah...

Just sit, and stay still. Listen to a music that might possibly calm me and then sleep.

biasanya aku pendem sih... tapi kalo udah gak tahan banget aku nangis... intinya kayak diem aja jangan dilampiasin ke mana mana sampai hatinya tenang

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