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Gaellio asked 8 days ago · 8 answers

Any plans for weekend, pups?

di rumah aja, youtube-an sambil baca buku. semoga weekend lo menyenangkan ya, gael!

Zoi asked 10 days ago · 2 answers

Kalo kalian masuk penjara, karena apa?

Wyatt Hudson asked 11 days ago · 6 answers

How do you usually deal with self-disappointment?

isolate myself most of the time. reflect myself all over again until it gets better. how do i know if it gets better? i would start to do my same routine again.

Zoi asked 10 days ago · 1 answer

resolusi 2023 (lucu-lucuan aja)

mencintai pacarku secara ugal-ugalan dan hidup lebih bahagia lagi (anjay) (maaf pacarku udah lucu jadi gak bisa lucu lucuan lagi)

Beau Saga asked 20 days ago

Kalau ada bus kecelakaan, pesawat jatuh, ada kapal tenggelam, semuanya akan muncul di mana?

Caca asked 2 months ago · 7 answers

Self-love corner! I wonder what is the best thing of being yourself right now? ❤︎

I am so proud of what I become today. Despite all the bad things I went through, I am surrounded with people who willing to be there for me through ups and downs, best and worst. That one of the people is you. I hope you know you deserve all the good things in this world as well. I will always cherish you throughout my life.

Serenity asked 2 months ago

Hello there, this is Serenity speaking. I am curious, mind telling me why you choose your current name?

I’ve heard this query quite a lot and it’s always exciting to tell people what was the reason that I came up with my current name. Have you ever heard about a series titled ‘Manifest’? There is this one character called Cal, but rumor has it that his full name was Calamander Stone. But guess rumor is just a rumor, his full name was actually Calvin Stone. 😅 so..

Wyatt Hudson asked 3 months ago · 17 answers

What is something you’ve always wanted to learn?

Learn to walk away from someone that doesn’t even worth to stay with.

ℳ𝑖𝑐𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠. asked 3 months ago · 33 answers

menurut kalian, makan mie paling enak minumnya apa?

kalo aku biasanya minum c1000 atau larutan rasa leci :D karna di otakku mie ini bikin panas dalam jadi at least minumnya yang meredakan panas dalam 😂

air putih sehat menyegarkan air putih in context yaitu nestle pure life

Unknown asked 3 months ago

Asing banget kayak gak pernah deket aja

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