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THE XX · 22d

What is your personality type?

Last time I check, ENFJ.

But I am not sure if I lean towards S (Sensing) or N (Intuitive) now. One thing for sure: the J (Judging) is always placed at the back. I am not a P (Perceiving) person.

Andromeda · 10 answers · 27d

What is that one song you unconsciously or purposely play when you feel like you are in love or perhaps.. have a crush on someone?

Not really a song that I unconsciously play or purposely play when I am in love but I want to fall in love so deep—the only thing that can closely describe my feelings is by blasting Beautiful Things by Benson Boone.

I want to love passionately, desperately that I am begging to God not to take my partner away from me.

Andromeda · 8 answers · 1mo

How do you know a person is not simply bad but instead situations had made them to act or behave that way?

F1 · 2mo

Any thoughts on Schatje?

I see you as someone who is brave but also cautious. Someone who will face everything she has on the plate but also someone who wants to also be able not to face certain things if she can—if the situation allows her to.

I said this before but you give this “first born daughter” vibe. It is in a good way, it’s how you leave this strong impression on others. Kind, caring, quite observant to your surrounding, putting your heart a lot on others too but also be direct on what you want, straightforward, and firm. You give this kind of impression to me and that’s what I think about you as well, Schatje.

THE XX · 2mo

Your tweets just passed on my timeline and I can't help myself to befriend you. Do you mind if I follow your account?

THE XX · 2mo

Hello, Armont! Though this is not a question, I hope you won't mind me dropping by.

I happened to come across your tweet by accident and I can distinguish you easily among the crowds, so I'm 100% sure that I'm talking to the right person. It's been a very long time (like, four or five years?) since then but I'm glad to see that you're doing alright. Keep doing great and I hope your life will always be filled with happiness. Goodluck!

Hi, there. From your other message sent to me, it must be really from a long time ago. I even forgot the time when I had not used Armont as my name. But I don't know who you are since it's been a very long time, right?

I am still the same here. If you happen to pass by my account, please do reach me out! I would like to have a talk again with my old friend, wanting to know what you are doing and hopefully life is treating you well too.

Andromeda · 13 answers · 2mo

If your life has a background music right now, what song would it be?

I like to listen to the Short Kings Anthem by blackbear & Tiny Meet Gang. Not because I am short or something like that, but the beat feels right and I just like to listen to that song to start my day.

Björn · 7 answers · 2mo

Siapa mutuals di remotechoes yang belum followan di akun baru

Kesheana. · 3mo

FI of me, please!

My first impression of you that I can remember was "Oh, she is that Rose roleplayer" and even after we followed each other on Cyber Account, I still think of Rose. I think this is more like my current opinion of you but you have a great taste when it comes to art. I like to see your photos and your aesthetic post. I thought we couldn't really get that close but you're in fact someone whom I can talk casually and comfortably. We have known each other for a long time and I hope we will keep this friendship for a long time. (PS: It would be cool if we can go and take random photos together)

F1 · 14 answers · 2mo

Are you the muse or writer of a lover?

If I can be both, why not, right? But I really can't put my feelings into words beautifully.

THE XX · 3mo

Armont ngopi gak? Kalo iya, mau tau dong rekomendasi dari Armont!

Sayangnya aku ga ngopi… kopi yang aku bisa minum itu cuma kopi Le Travail sama Golden Black (yang kopinya ga terlalu strong). 🙂

Andromeda · 10 answers · 3mo

What is something (could be a quote, story, movie, book, or anything) that always successfully made you shed a tear or even bawling your eyes out?

“It's okay to feel overewhelmed, if it's too much for you, you can take a little rest. Cry out loud when the world gets ugly. When the hand that greeted you turned into a pointing finger, you can take a deep sigh and shout ‘This shit is fucked up’ because you are no different from anyone else. Why did you choose this painful and lonely road. Never forget the reason, even if time passes. I hope your dream won't just be left as a dream.”

Life is a non-stop struggle, sometimes, and when you hear something so comforting—you can’t help but to shed a tear.

THE XX · 3mo

what’s your hogwarts house?

Morgan ೃ࿔*:・ · 3 answers · 3mo

It's a couple days before Eid Mubarak, Would you tell me what is your favorite Eid dishes?

Lidah sapi juara nomor 1. Yang lainnya tetep menu klasik opor ayam, ketupat, sama sambal goreng ati.

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