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K asked 22 days ago · 6 answers

Would you rather have to tell a secret to your nemesis or your parents and why?

There's no better option. If I have to choose between them, I would choose my nemesis although it is not a good option as well.

B asked 21 days ago · 7 answers

May I take a look on your all-time favorite playlist on Spotify?

A cat asked 3 months ago

Be happy, Armont.

That's what I want for myself too. Thank you for coming here for this.

A cat asked about 2 months ago

Hi, Kak Armont! Maaf banget kalau tiba-tiba passed by tapi Kakak bukan mutualku tapi aku pengen temenan boleh kah??? Maaf anonim ya aku cupu. -,- Kalau boleh nanti aku reach out di dm!

Hi, there! Boleh kok. I need more people to talk to on my timeline as well so having a new presence is more than welcome here.

Feodora Levindore asked 9 months ago · 7 answers

Which public figure do you look up to the most right now? It can be because they are talented, they are nice, or they are literally saving the world.

I know I mention them a lot like there's no other public figure, but it's BTS for me. I find strength in their words and lyrics.

Andromeda asked 3 months ago

Binatang apa yang gak bersuara?

evan asked 10 months ago · 9 answers

Boleh saranin lagu yang mirip 'Yerin Baek - I'm not your ocean anymore'? I need more slow ballad songs preferably from asian singer👍 thanks!

He's next to you, instead of me - TOIL, Kid Wine
Whenever it rains - Dept, Nason, amin

Feodora Levindore asked 10 months ago · 12 answers

How do you cope with anger?

I will take time to calm myself down and take a breath then say "ANJING" before I tell myself that it's enough and move on.

Well, on a serious note, I need to talk it out with people. I need someone to listen to my ramblings, it makes me feel better after that.

Mira asked 9 months ago · 9 answers

If you were a hero, what kind of monster do you think is hard to deal with?

The hardest monster is the one that hides inside me, that can appear anytime as fear or something else. That's the biggest problem, I think, even as a hero.

Mira asked 4 months ago · 4 answers

Pernah gak di posisi "Wow, hidup gue mirip drama banget dah"? Ceritain dong.

Kebalikannya. Malah ngerasa kok hidup gua ga pernah kayak di drama ya?

Mira asked 4 months ago · 7 answers

Do you have any habit? Or things you would do everyday beside eat and sleep? Tell me!

Bersihin rumah. Kalau lagi stress, sebenernya enak banget beres-beres rumah kerasa ada hal yang rapih dan selesai.

A cat asked 5 months ago

Armont, hey? May I set my eyes on you?

Hey, there. I am sorry, but don't set your eyes on me as I can't give you anything in return.

A cat asked 5 months ago

To be frank, I am surprised that you split up with your girlfriend. You two look so amazing together and I swear I believe in love whenever I see you two. I hope you’re okay tho. Cheer up Armont.

We didn't expect that it would come to an end so soon, but things happened and we decided it together. We both thought this was the best we could come up with. And... thank you for your concern too.

A cat asked 7 months ago

What camera do you use?

For which photo? Mostly, I take pictures with my phone camera as I always have my phone with me.

Feodora Levindore asked 9 months ago · 15 answers

If you are not studying your current major, what kind of college major will interest you?

I don’t think there’s any but perhaps… law? Medicine?

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