Feodora Levindore asked 9 months ago · 7 answers

Which public figure do you look up to the most right now? It can be because they are talented, they are nice, or they are literally saving the world.

I know I mention them a lot like there's no other public figure, but it's BTS for me. I find strength in their words and lyrics.

maudy ayunda (literally) since i saw her living her best lifeee atm

Chami... TVXQ. He's always been my role model since I was just a kid until now. It's been 17 years, and I still am looking up at him.

Apo Nattawin, because he is damn beautiful and talented. I love his personality and I am captivated with the values that he hold especially the way he enjoys life. To me, everything about him is just so endearing.

tay tawan. soalnya gak tau ya he's such a ray of sunshine. mana dia tuh selain akademiknya bagus, attitude nya juga juara banget. cowok green flag tahta tertinggi itu tay dah, he literally save my life. kadang kalo gw lg depressed gw suka keinget 'oiya belum ketemu tay tawan, harus ketemu tay dulu paling engga sekali seumur hidup' gitu dahh I love him with my whole heart, abis itu ada first kanaphan :D dia sama kayak tay, aduh dua cowok thai favorite ku pokoknya mereka

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