Arthur asked 3 months ago · 6 answers

How to squeeze more hours out of a day? Sleep less? Waste less time?

Less doom scrolling, there are screen time apps to help you with that if that's a struggle of yours

I don't know but I hope if you are trying to squeeze more hours out of a day, it's for something you love and brings you happiness or fulfillment and NOT for your corporate masters, screw them

Don't sleep less, that's unhealthy (unless you already oversleep, in which case it's obvious). Stopping wasting time is a no-brainer, unless you don't really waste that much time and the amount of time freed would be trivial.

I suggest freeing up some time by never eating.

I think I remember reading that you like to sleep in, yes? I guess the only way would be to work on adjusting your sleep schedule. Perhaps go to bed earlier and wake up earlier? Not sure if you’re up late working on other stuff.

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