I watch movies that could bring me up. Sometimes I make poems to express myself better and all the time, I just make sure I assure myself that I will always be alone at the end of the day and it’s okay.

Biasanya aku cuma ngelakuin hal-hal yang bisa distract sih, misalnya kayak baca buku, nonton film yang bikin mikir, atau paling sering tidur. Soalnya kalau lagi ngerasa kayak gitu, biasanya suka muncul pikiran-pikiran negatif yang ujungnya bikin overthinking. Paling ampuh emang bobo!

Most of the time, sleep. But if thing doesn't work, I probably will keep myself busy with the things that I put interest with, such as watch something fun on TikTok/ Youtube or maybe any reality show that I have on my list, or simply listen my favourite song with a cup of my warm tea.

i'll just enjoy it without doing anything, it gives me a sense of comfort when you just quietly enjoy loneliness

Embrace it 👍 I have a mindset that whenever I feel lonely I take it as an opportunity to nurture self-love. Be kind to myself and do not engage in self-criticism. Mostly the problem of self-criticism comes from some comparison right so instead of comparing with others just focus on the good qualities of myself then it will forbid me to feel worthless and lonely

ini gimana ya caranya? main rp? main sama temen? tidur tidur tidur makan yaudah semua dilakuin haha.

It’s a tough question to answer, but if I have to say; I keep myself busy. Be it with reading, listening to some good music, watching YouTube/TikTok videos, even sometimes I do house chores only to keep myself distracted from loneliness that can lead my mind to think of any negative thoughts.

Masuk ke Isekai dengan cara menonton anime (jawaban real) kalo nggak ya ngeplato sampe muak

hewooo kakak !! :3 umm the way to overcome loneliness is to find something to do like baking a cake !! 🧁🥧🥞 lately im getting into the baking ♡♡

I embrace it. Loneliness have been my best companion these months. Try not to fight it much, that way I can make sure it doesn't consume me

For as long as I live mine never get too chronic I barely handle it myself, but I love being lonely as much as when I am having someone’s company. As simple as trynna befriend my own self. Hence, loneliness is quite.. a rare thing happens to me

Instead of coping with it, I enjoyed being lonely oftentimes. Playing games, watching dramas or series I haven't watch, or just simply scrolling twitter timeline, reading books and playing with my cats. I got lots of activities to do when I'm on my own.

still have no clue, but one thing i could do to cope with loneliness and thankfully it's working out for me is listening to music and baking!

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