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Elsage. · 6 answers · 9mo

Menurut kalian, jaga pola makan itu perlu gak sih? Terus seberapa penting makanan yang kalian konsumsi sama kesehatan kalian?

Naoi. · 13 answers · 9mo

hi aku lagi bosen sama pure paw-paw, saranin aku lip balm andalan kalian yang ok banget itu dong! >_★

Chayyi. · 19 answers · 1y

Do you open up to others easily?

Naoi. · 12 answers · 1y

thoughts on littienaoi >_★

Dari pertama kita kenal until now, you've been consistently adorable, apalagi pakai FC Rei tuh mendukung banget. Semangat ya Naoi, jangan sedih-sedih. 🫵🏻

Mourine Naura. · 6 answers · 11mo

Karena sebentar lagi udah mau Juli, aku mau tau kesan kalian tentang bulan Juni ini? Semoga bulan depan dan seterusnya selalu bahagia ya. 🤍

Honestly, there’s not much of a diff with other months this year. But I gotta admit, I’m feeling a bit happier ‘cause I’ve met some cool new peeps who vibe with me. June’s been a real spender, huftttt. Unexpected expenses left and right. I’m just prayin that next month and the ones after that, my cash flow gets back on track and I stop boroossss.

Chayyi. · 21 answers · 1y

What’s your lucky number?

Chayyi. · 20 answers · 1y

If you have a problem, do you fix yourself or ask for help?

I like to solve problems on my own because involving others can make things more complicated. I believe that handling problems independently helps me develop my problem-solving skills and keeps things under control. While getting help from others can be helpful at times, I usually prefer to handle things myself to avoid extra complications.

Lily. ♡̴ · 14 answers · 12mo

Spill inisial gebetanmu yang cakep itu

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