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Do your friends rely on you for tech support, or are you usually the one who needs tech support?

i recently helped fix a laptop for my ex-wife’s lover so it’s not even just friends tbh…

Neither? All of my friends are decently tech savvy, and so am I, so like we kinda just fix all our problems on our own.

I'm usually the tech support friend in that I happily volunteer my [insert search engine here]-fu whenever someone has a problem. What people end up coming to me for even more is for PC building/upgrading advice, since I keep my nose close to the market for my own upgrade dreams ;w ;

thank you for your call, kio will be with you shortly.
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i guess im tech support but i don't really even do anything. i just search it up on google and see if that works or not

My friends usually know enough to not need much support, or they require support in domains that I cannot help at all with or with questions that go far beyond my own knowledge, and they know how annoying it can be to be the family tech support, so we take pity on each other. And I don't remember when I last asked a friend for tech support either. We just do moral support instead, commiserating about our struggles with humans who interact with computers (users, developers, etc.).

weh....yeah and I'm not even that good at it, my husband works in IT, so I tend to mostly defer people to him

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