Kaliza · 8 answers · 5mo

thoughts on iza, please? 😖

The kind of sibling that you want to hate but you keep taking care of her instead despite her silly behavior. Very, very, very tsundere type and choose to be playfully evil to show her love. A reliable sister at some time, a chaotic sister for ... a lifetime. Nevertheless, Iza is that one sister and friend that you should be thankful for, if you got one around you. Cukup satu Iza aja tapi, kalau dua atau lebih pasti gak sanggup.

Tadinya gue gatau ini siapa untung dipasang akun twitternya di bio! Eh kita belum ngobrol banyak ya, but just by seeing you in timeline tuh kamu keliatan kaya kind and will be a great friend to have around. Terus anaknya ngga malu buat ngajak ngobrol duluan! Hopefully we could talk more so I could give more proper answer to this ya, Iza!

My friend Iza who has great humour taste and one of the people who could match my silly side (right, she’s silly). Satu tambah satu berapa?

Kamu orangnya ceria, baik, dan gak mau kalah kalau disenggol malah balasnya diseruduk ckck banteng.

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