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kalian punya gak song(s) yang udah diputer ribuan kali juga tetep gak bosen-bosen? like the songs still feel the same as the first time you listen to it?

Yes, I have! It's 'Alonica' by LANY. This song fills me with joy and peace every time I listen to it. It feels like coming home, my true sanctuary. I'll never tired of listening to this song.

wkwkw it is usually the songs from anime ost that can make me feel that way but since psycho by rv is sometimes crazily on unstoppable repeat, i think that's the one?

Yes I have. Lagu-lagunya Keshi, mau didengerin beberapa kalipun aku gak bakal bosen-bosen. Aku suka banget sama yang judulnya 2soon, walau liriknya sedih.

PUNYAA dr taun 2019 sampe skrg aku masih sering dengerin lagunya baekhyun yg stay up!!! dulu nemu gara gara main superstar sm😂

There are plenty, but one song that truly soothes me is "Blackbird" by The Beatles

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