xoxo, tina .ᐟ

people call it love, while i'll be calling you.

Land of OoO
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Aysele H. Blythe · 27 answers · 2mo

Yang sudah menapaki usia 20, adakah yang berubah dari kalian? (Abis ini ultahku, kinda excited yet afraid about it)

probably my life choices since everything is not the same anymore when i was a teenager.

Sheon · 27 answers · 2mo

What do you guys usually do when you're feeling sleepy during class or while working?

Rakeysa A. · 30 answers · 2mo

What's your favorite way to de-stress when life gets chaotic?

take a shower and sleep, seriously. its like resetting your whole mood and motivation when you take showers.

Cherry · 24 answers · 2mo

what's your current obsession?

Rakeysa A. · 48 answers · 1mo

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

· 23 answers · 2mo

Hey-ho! Mind telling me your top 3 desserts? ^~^ (mine are softcakes, macaroons, and chocolate pudding!) 🫧

Cherry · 17 answers · 2mo

If you were a ghost what would you be?

Baby Amelia · 52 answers · 2mo

hal apa yang kamu ga suka, tapi orang lain suka banget? kalo aku taking pictures... aku ga suka foto-foto dan ga suka selfie juga, makanya bete banget kalo disuruh fotoin orang atau diajak foto bareng 😭

i dont like talking in the morning when i just wake up, literally ruin the sacred peaceful phase of waking up.

Baby Amelia · 49 answers · 2mo

apa makanan yang kamu suka banget tapi orang lain mostly ga suka? kalo aku suka banget petis udang yang hitam itu! tapi kata temen temen ku masa kaya comberan gara gara warnanya hitam 😭

i have no idea, krna gw lah si orang yg makannya pemilih itu 😭. most of my friends can eat everything.

Audinne. · 11 answers · 2mo

how do you deal with the break-up phase?

oh dear, i have no idea. ive been dating myself for years. really sorry i cant help you out.

Sheon · 28 answers · 2mo

Can you recommend a favorite song that you've been enjoying lately? I'm currently feeling bored with my usual music choices and am eager to delve into something new

ೀ࿐ ࿔*:・゚ · 7 answers · 2mo

if you can be any animal in one day what would it be?

Sheon · 23 answers · 2mo

Do you guys have any plans/activities for the holiday this week? Mind telling me?

Ayang. · 73 answers · 3mo

What you love so much of being your parents' kid?

my parents might not be the perfect parents, but they give me life, this recent life that im living right now.

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