NyaOm! · 7 answers · 7mo

heyy guys, do you have any movie recommendations?? any genre is accepted ^__^ thank you in advance

I guess there are a lot of good ones. But right off the top of my head, i can recommend one that i watched not too long ago, it was 'Persona', by IU.

hm kurang tau perfilman tapi kalo drakor coba nonton watermelon itu, aku lupa judul kepanjangannya. seru tau!! coba ditonton

Ballerina, Elona Holmes, Like and Share, Five Feet Aparts, Titanic, Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini, Jalan Yang Jauh Jangan Lupa Pulang

about time (romcom), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (romance, sci-fi), easy A (romcom)

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