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Nala. · 19 answers · 5mo

Guys, kira-kira kalian kalo new life bakal bawa temen kalian yang di life sekarang atau ngga?

𝓐 din · 13 answers · 5mo

ada ga makanan khusus yg harus kalian makan waktu lagi sakit dan itu pasti langsung sembuhh? me: TONGSENG :p

Anna ʕ˙Ⱉ˙ʔ · 5mo

LALA SAYANGG?? KOK retro kAmu berubah menjadi gelap sperti enihh⁉️⁉️😥💥😥💥😥💥😥💥😥💥😥💥😥💥😥💥

fans · 5mo

what is your dream date?

honestly I never think about my dreamdate, I'm easily get comfortable on less crowded place with comfy hot choco and nice talk, everywhere is fine, as long the date is perfectly set with us as the couple /jk :P

𝓐 din · 12 answers · 5mo

pernah gak tiba" ngerasa sedih, gak pantes, pokoknya campur aduk gajelas gitu. kalo pernah, gimana cara kalian ngatasinnya?

pernah, dan sering, kalo aku caranya nangis, kalo udah gabisa nangis sampe capeknya, di buat tidur aja, biasanya itu karena kebanyakan pikiran sama abis kena sesuatu hal yang gaenak, kalo aku semua masalah bisa jadi ga berat banget kalo dibuat tidur, atau kalo kamu orangnya gabisa nahan sesuatu sendirian, cari temen cerita would be nice, and don't forget to appreciate yourself, karena pas waktu kaya gitu, diri sendiri juga lagi butuh validasi

mbul 🐈 · 6 answers · 5mo

kalo kangen sama orang, kalian cenderung dipendem atau bilang langsung?

kalo aku mah langsung dicium

Lintang · 5mo

Nyomi, are you underage?

𝓐 din · 7 answers · 5mo

ada yg mau pake twibbon ultahku gaa? ada di pinned nanti sekalian mutualan!!

fans · 5mo

So it's only a religious think you assume and if someone isn't Muslim he don't need this?

if it's "need" in my opinion, every man is need it, why? it's because its for health, but if it's come to "must" I don't think that someone isn't Muslim must get circumcised, cmiiw

fans · 5mo

Oh haha you could also answer without asking around but it was nice of you

fans · 5mo

I meant 7 inches what is 17 cm, working tool is just called what men have in the underwear I guess

oh... I get it... so you ask for my opinion, correct? to be honest it's the first time someone ask me something like this... and I don't even know a stuff about adult job or anything that connect to that, it's not like I don't understand the things you mentioned, I know exactly of course, because I'm a teenager but don't you think asking this to a stranger it's a bit rude.. ? :(

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