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what's the most bitter told you've ever heard?

Either I have forgotten it or it did no longer matter again to remain still in my memory. I have no idea what bitter told that ever been conveyed to me directly.

my mom once asked me why she gave me a birth. lol. not that bitter but somehow makes me cry

Someone says I don’t deserve to be loved and happy ;) I often say that too sih, tapi pas orang lain yang ngomong, rasanya it’s hit me so hard like, “Yes, I don’t deserve that.”

"Udahlah gak usah nangis. Aku dulu gitu malah lebih parah aja gak nangis." Idk but comparing your feelings to others doesn't sit right with me.

“keep dreaming, you will never have an ounce of success. whatever how hard you try.” it shattered my heart into zillion pieces as i proceeded their saying. at that time my heart leapt into my throat and my both sight stubbornly started to brim with tears. i mean—what’s wrong with jumping to fixes and trials? you think it will let myself drowned in misery? no… i was born to proof the abilities i have mastered, i womt stop trying :} skipppppp forward to years later, the triumph has come my way!! 😼👊 maybe that was the most condescending thing someone has said to me 🕊️

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