CH!A ♥︎ · 15 answers · 1y

what will you eat for today’s dinner?

Based on what I see in this morning, I guess I'll have ✨Nasi Besek✨ for today's dinner.

I will eat whatever my mother has cooked. Aslinya sih mau gacoan, tapi gak dibolehin makan mie.

I had Japanese BBQ for dinner! I ate a lot of meat, and now I'm completely stuffed.

mmm i think pasta will be my dinner dish, i plan to cook pasta with lots of cheese on top!! 🍝🧀 aaaa yumyum yummy can't wait!! 💗

Karena mama udah masak pepes tahu ama ayam, jadi makan malem ini makan itu hehe paling nasi rendang besok atau pas mama pulang dari jogja. Chia sendiri malam ini mau mam apa?

Umm, I don't have any idea. Maybe chicken? Or make some instant noodle. Kalo Chia gimana? What will you eat for dinner?

Have no clue but I might going outside to find something to eat with my grandma tonight.

i'm gonna have suki n grill for dinner. what about you, chia? it's saturday night, got any plan to have dinner outside?

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