Jean asked 10 months ago · 11 answers

How do you treat people who can do nothing for you?

you'll reap what you sow, no? why would i waste my time and energy to face them? show them nothing lah.

I'll still be nice to them as usual, if they can't respect that.. I'll try to avoid them without them getting hurt

Aduh, saya juga bakal do nothing lah. Apaan harus do everything for them, mohon maaf bukan people pleasure.

They don't have to do something for me. I mean, why should they?

kalau mereka bukan orang yang bawa efek negatif atau merugikan ya treat them like a human being, seperti yang lainnya

uhm... maybe i'll treat them as well as i can. if they can't appreciate it, i'll leave? it's fucking okay if you can't do anything for me but CAN YOU JUST APPRECIATE MY EFFORTS???:(

trying my best to treat everyone with kindness even if it's not reciprocal.

im mirroring person. so if them can do nothing for me, i'll do nothing for them 👍🏻

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