Jean asked 10 months ago · 11 answers

What do you think falling in love feels like?

Scary, risky—feels like voluntarily falling into uncertainty.

Feels like, nungguin chat dia, salting kalau dia puji puji, trus senyum senyum kaya odgj ( takut di somasi ) wkwkwk

Exciting. It feels so good to be loved but it also feels good to have someone that you love. You’ll start to see things differently in a good and lovely way.

Your world will revolve around them. The tiniest thing about them will make you extremely addicted, in a lovely way. Everything will be much more magical in your eyes.

people say it's like thousands butterflies fly in your stomach, and i feel that since the first i know i fallin in love, till now

kalo aku lebih ke munculnya rasa pengen berusaha nerima hal hal yang ada dalam diri dia dan aku gasuka. Juga lebih sering diskusi bahkan berantem soal hal hal yang mungkin berpotensi bikin dia sakit atau apapun tapi tujuannya supaya dia ga begitu lagi

it must feel nice. butterfly rush is the only anxiety that i’m hoping for, though. it’s fun to feel your adrenaline races and get excited all the time, it’s also fun to knit a dream little by little through the small conversation that we both are invested in. i’m trying hard to recall, but i think, that’s all?

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