Jean · 13 answers · 1y

What kind of people are you attracted to?

mostly i attracted more to older men. ones that looks like a fierce, hard to approach, and firm yet can be a big baby in front of me. oh, a genius one (like, yk, someone who's out of the box and has unique way of thinking (tho everyone surely did)) is always winning!

People who are obedient (though occasionally being rebellious is also acceptable), have a soft heart, likes to joke around, are smart and understanding, don't like to take care of other people business too much, and have plus points if their visuals are fine.

if it's based on the look then the nice, clean, sweet, and warm looking ones like eddie redmayne, elle fanning, michelle yeoh, ke huy quan 👍🏻

smart, have a good attitude, family-oriented, a good public speaker, love animal (especially cat).

People that stay and willing to listen and talk to me, the convobuild one that gives the same energy I'm giving.

i can never resist someone whose intelligence shows… also when they play electric guitar or piano… (brutally blushing)

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