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What do I owe you?


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hephaustus? is that you? · 1mo

Hab you set your eyes on someone? 👀

hephaustus? is that you? · 1mo

Santan, kenapa belum tidur nak?

hephaustus? is that you? · 1mo

Baru tau namamu Shankara, kok dipanggil Skara?

Soalnya diambil S(han)kara-nya. :D sebenarnya ini diambil dari au 6reeze sih. Shout out to kak Izzey.

eLL · 6mo

hei shankara, keren banget tema nya

hephaustus? is that you? · 7mo

Padahal aku cuma genit ke kamu.

hephaustus? is that you? · 7mo

Hai, sayang.

hephaustus? is that you? · 7mo

Can I talk to you now?

Hey, I just checked my retrospring and is this who I think about? If yes, yes. You can.

Karicia. · 33 answers · 11mo

is it strange if i ask u guys to befriend wimme here? 😁☝️

Jio · 23 answers · 11mo

what do you guys do when you want to socialize but your energy is very low?

i'll take time for myself, browsing through the internet, not forcing myself to socializing.

Jio · 16 answers · 11mo

Good morning, thanks for still alive, dont forget to drink water 🍭

Adika Bhanu. · 28 answers · 11mo

Do you think 3 is enough?
4. Your mom's smile;
5. Your best friends' laugh;
6. Your little cousins, nephews, nieces that look up to you;
7. The feeling of the sun against your face;
8. Hearing the words, “I love you”;
9. The feeling you get before a holiday;
10. Birthdays;
11. Quiet late night drives;
12. Missed opportunities and adventures;
13. The feeling of lying in bed after a long work;
14. Long hot showers;
I could tell you more, but the most important is—you are worth more than what you think.

thank you so much, precious soul. thank you for being born. you've painted a smile on every person who read this. may God bless you.

Adika Bhanu. · 26 answers · 11mo

3 reasons why you should stay alive:
1. You are too beautiful to disappear;
2. You are bigger than any of your problems;
3. You are never alone in this struggle.

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