Adika Bhanu. asked 3 months ago · 26 answers

3 reasons why you should stay alive:
1. You are too beautiful to disappear;
2. You are bigger than any of your problems;
3. You are never alone in this struggle.

thank you so much for all the reminder, hopes you take it as your reminder too. have a nice day, and hopes God bless you with all good things. 🌷🤍

oh, the way i want to print this and read it everyday. thank you so much for the reminder. i hope you'll always be happy!

What a beautiful reminder. I'll take a note, thank you Adhika. Wish you a wonderful day ahead. May you always be surrounded by joy and kindness.

Might be very late in responding this but I feel truly grateful to have someone like you around. Thank you, Adika. You should remember that you are loved too!

AIN'T THIS THE SWEETEST THING I'VE RECEIVED TODAY??? kudos to Bhanu who made a lot of people smile because of his reminder! I will remember this, and I hope you apply this reminder for you, too. thank you for being yourself, Bhanu!

hey there, beautiful soul named bhanu! thank you so much for this.. such a heartwarming message. surely will come back here whenever i do not okay just to read your kind message. and the same goes to you.. the 14 reasons why you shud stay alive! i wish you to be always healthy and be the happiest.. xo! 🩷

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