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if you were to write a book about your ex, what would the last sentence be?

I would never write a book for my ex in the first place, but if I have to then maybe I'll end it with "It's nice to spend those time that weren't much with you, see you when I see you." Like that.

"terima kasih banyak untuk waktu serta apapun yang sempat kamu beri, semoga bahagia selalu."

Minta maaf soalnya yang aku inget cuma nama bapamu. Kamu namanya siapa ya? *serius

"You are the cosmic fragments everyone dreams of, and I'm afraid to admit I am still the trench that even people avoid swimming into."

I won't and will never write a book about them. There is much more to write about besides them.

I no longer think about someone I don't associate myself with anymore, moreover to write about them, so... No comment.

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