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Alesund, Norway
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H. · 13 answers · 3mo

Weekend nanti enaknya joging jam 5 subuh atau nyantai di pantai pas sore hari?

Ini telat jawab ya tapi bagusnya pas matahari udah keluar alias jam 6 ke atas dan sebelum jam 9 pagi.

indii · 6 answers · 4mo

Aku penasaran deh. Kalo misalnya kamu akhirnya dipertemukan lagi sama seseorang yang kamu sayaaang banget pada masanya, tapi keadaan di waktu itu maksa kalian untuk pisah. Ada gak yang mau kamu sampein ke dia pas ketemu nanti?

You've got to eat clean and live longer. You were an ex that turned out a great bestfriend to me, and I haven't told you that yet. But thank you, at least you said your farewell very politely by having us talk and give closure to each other. Missing you lots, still am sad to know you're gone forever, but happy belated birthday, best bud.

Arwen. M · 19 answers · 5mo

kalian biasanya kalo donasi untuk 🇵🇸 selain lewat baznas, lewat mana lagi?

Arwen. M · 58 answers · 5mo

are you the type of person who can bear and deal with someone who have mental health issues, or are you the type of person who can't handle them? i thought i was a person who able to deal with them until i finally felt so drained and overwhelmed and tired, i can't handle them no more...

Good for you because you know your limits. First of all I am someone with mental issues and I am capable to handle those who are having the same struggles as mine to a certain limit. I have a lot on my plate too, right? And I think some people with mental issues are capable of 'tau diri' by not showing/telling you about their struggles.

Arwen. M · 96 answers · 5mo

warna apa yang menurut kamu paling cocok untuk merepresentasikan personality mu?

indii · 5mo

We've come to the end of the year already. Do you have a plan to get yourself anything? As a self reward maybe(?)

I plan to buy me a new glasses since I also need to get my eyes checked. It's been a whole year and I'm afraid my astigmatism gets worse. What about you?

Arwen. M · 86 answers · 5mo

kamu pake pfp/ava siapa dan kenapa pilih itu?

For now I'm using Millions Knives from Trigun. Reasons? None. I just feel like using him.

Aluy 🍔 · 18 answers · 5mo

HAAIII kalian holidays kemana nihh???

I'm being dragged here and there by my family ... tapi yang jelas habis thrifting sih.

Arwen. M · 50 answers · 5mo

ada yang mau followan twitter sama aku ngga? boleh drop unamenya nanti aku follow >.<

Nadine · 100 answers · 5mo

Hi pals, what's your current fav song?

Arwen. M · 65 answers · 5mo

lebih suka martabak telor atau martabak manis? boleh kasih tau varian favoritmu?

kalo aku martabak telor, bebek 4 butir!

My martabak to go adalah martabaj telur bebek 2 butir pake keju (customized request).

Arwen. M · 36 answers · 5mo

can you suggest me a good body lotion? karena vaseline di boikot..

Herborist Juice for Skin body serum. Wanginya enak dan gak bikin kulit gerah. Serius.

Arwen. M · 36 answers · 5mo

apakah ada saran powerbank yang bagus dan ga bikin batre hp bocor?

Robot, tapi aku lupa tipe apa. Adikku pakai itu dan pemakaian normalnya works effectively kok.

Arwen. M · 40 answers · 5mo

do you have any supernatural experiences like seeing ghost or having poltergeist occur?

I believe supernatural is a vast genre of happenings and yes, by the way. I see things in my dreams that are signs/informations for me (only).

Curious Creature · 5mo

What's your biggest turn off when meeting new people?

They are good friends with people I've known (and avoid). But just kidding, I'm good. My only turn off is when there's a step crossing my lines.

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