Edinburgh, Scotland
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Serenity asked 3 months ago · 18 answers

What kind of compliments will definitely send you to cloud nine?

I take anything, actually. Considering I put great effort from my appearance to how I wrap my thoughts to be told to people, therefore, I will be beyond ecstatic to hear some endearing feedbacks.

shey asked 3 months ago · 17 answers

Kalo kalian punya peliharaan (lagi) bakal dinamain apa?

Serenity asked 4 months ago · 19 answers

What is on your mind lately? Tell me anything, even your most random thoughts.

All the plans I've made once my schedule is free. I've been wanting to begin writing again, finish my TBR, and go me time (some more). Freedom is frequently on my mind lately, not gonna lie.

A. asked 4 months ago · 13 answers

What is your comfort food?

Sushi, and to be precise, salmon sushi. Anything with salmon; count me in.

Noah F. Davinson asked 5 months ago

Hey, kangen kangen kangen.

cic★ asked 5 months ago

emang boleh secantik ini

Anonymous asked 5 months ago

Kriterianya yang seperti apa? Saya ingin memantaskan (memaksakan) diri.

Well, hello, Anon. Unfortunately I don't talk about my love life in public, what about try again through private message? Have a nice day by the way ;)

𐙚 asked 5 months ago · 30 answers

if u were animals, what you'll be?

Serenity asked 5 months ago · 18 answers

What kept you alive?

𐙚 asked 5 months ago · 15 answers

what do you miss most about being a kid?

The games and the vibes of being a pure & innocent human being could actually be sufficient answers, however, I know there's more to unwrap about being a kid that I—especially the bottom of my heart—miss the most; to feel the warmth of my mom's embrace again. Fortunately, she had taught me wisdoms as well as provisions in life that eventually shaped me to who I am today; to have courage and be kind, to have goals and chase my dreams, to be independent and have respect—to be a human.

𐙚 asked 5 months ago · 11 answers

if you were to write a book about your ex, what would the last sentence be?

I no longer think about someone I don't associate myself with anymore, moreover to write about them, so... No comment.

𐙚 asked 5 months ago · 17 answers

what's your genre in music?

Serenity asked 5 months ago · 9 answers

Hello to you, kindlings. Anyone fancy exchanging twitter account? I'd like to know all of you better if given the chance. Please drop your link if you dont mind. ♡

Lily asked 5 months ago

Hai anya wakwaw :3

shey asked 5 months ago · 13 answers

Shoot your theme song for this weekend!

If it has to be one specific song, then, New Romantics! (It's been on loop lately, honestly) Then I gotta restart my energy all over again by jumping to my slow music or classical playlists. How about you?

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