Wilma Flintstone

Good 'ol Mrs. Flinstone minus the red hair.

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Shannon asked 10 months ago · 10 answers

Why are people obssed with asking sexually questions?

I guess they find that topic more interesting.

Shannon asked 10 months ago · 7 answers

What's is your one thing that would make you end a realtionship or not start one in the first place like your ultimate red flag?

History of repeated cheating. Violent behavior.

Shannon asked 10 months ago · 9 answers

I would do anything for love but I won't do that what is your THAT?

Well I wouldn't do anything for love - no, not anymore. haha but to answer your question, maybe to love the other person more than I love myself. That shit will cost you in the end.

Shannon asked 10 months ago · 8 answers

What would you think if your partner poked holes in your condoms because there mother told them to because you didn't want childrean but they did?

I think I'm better off without him. lol My partner should respect my choices too especially because it's my body who would bear the child.

Dingus asked 10 months ago · 9 answers

Are you comfortable answering personal questions on here?

Dingus asked 10 months ago · 12 answers

Be honest. What were your hands doing 5 minutes ago?

Dingus asked 10 months ago · 9 answers

What's something you'll never do again?

Shannon asked 11 months ago · 7 answers

Do you like your friends partners?

Luckily yes. They've all been nice and made an effort to be friends with me too. :D You see, so long as I see them making my friends happy and taking good care of them, there's no reason for me to not like them. :)

Shannon asked 11 months ago · 7 answers

The groom's mother invited 70 extra guests to the bride's wedding. Thoughts?

Well if the groom's family would pay for the reception, then why not? But if that's not the case, then the groom should've done something to stop his mother from doing this. or consulted the bride first because it's their wedding, not his mom's.

Kate Matsuda asked 11 months ago · 13 answers

What did you wear today?

Wore a business attire on top (tank top with blazers) and then shorts at the bottom (why the hell not? Lol) because i've been attending meetings for almost half of my shift today. Haha 😂

Qafka asked 11 months ago · 10 answers

In how many group chats are you and how many of them do you actively read or write in?

Quite a lot. On facebook messenger alone, i think i have atleast 15 group chats. 😂 Mix of work, family, and different set of friends. On microsoft teams (pure work related) i have i think 7 active GCs which were all sorted per project i handle/or are part of. All of which i actively read and write on.

Shannon asked 11 months ago · 3 answers

Have you seen encanto?

Qafka asked 11 months ago · 11 answers

What’s the worst thing about having you as a roommate?

I talk a LOT. Lol 😂 I also like to listen to music and sing-along to them. I sleep very late (as late as 5am) and with dim lights too.

Shannon asked 11 months ago · 5 answers

Share your experience of someone you dated who didn't have the same love language as you?

We used to argue a lot at first. But we learned to compromise and understand each other's needs and wants. I guess it became less complicated when we became more vocal with what we really want, what we don't want, and what we really feel.

Shannon asked 11 months ago · 8 answers

How do you stop yourself from buying new clothes?

I can't. ☹ I tried to control my spending habits a couple of times but I always fail especially when it comes to buying new clothes. Grocery and clothes shopping were my go-to activity to relieve stress so I use to go out alot during pre-pandemic. Actually up until now that people are allowed to go out again in our area. (I am fully vaccinated and already had my booster shot. So hopefully i have an extra layer of protection against the big C even if i already started to go out and travel again. 😁)

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