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Arman asked 3 months ago · 8 answers

I listened to a podcast which was about Britain during the reign of King Charles I and how terrible a king he was. What I don't quite get is why some people continue to commemorate him each year. In your country, is there any historical figure who is still commemorated despite doing terrible things in their time?

In Germany we are rather cautious to not praise our past political leaders.

Daniel asked 6 months ago · 12 answers

Is 0 a natural number?

Of course it is. And any mathematician who tells you otherwise ist just a bad metaphysician

Dingus asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

What part of your body showcases a prominent amount of muscle?

Pandy asked 7 months ago · 14 answers

Should sex education in schools also include good sex and foreplay techniques?

I learned in sex ed where people commonly have erogenous zones. Gives you a rough map of where the fun is. I think any more details would require practical instruction and I would have some objections there.

Ed Hunter asked 7 months ago · 7 answers

Is it morally correct for the West to complain about press freedom in Russia, while closing down Russian news channels in thir own countries?

Ethical assessment depends on the reasons you have for doing something. Comparing the reasons: The Kreml cut off the nation from state-independent media to deceive the people about what happens and spread misinformation that is uncontested. The west cut out Russian media channels because they are trying to spread misinformation and stir up chaos and confusion. What the Kreml does is a blatant act of manipulation and lying to people. That’s morally highly objectionable. What the west does is trying to stop the spread of misinformation, which is generally a morally good thing. So, yeah it’s morally correct under any standard you [...]

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Dingus asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

How do you motivate a coward?

LaDamaX asked 7 months ago · 18 answers

What specific task do you especially dislike doing at work?

I’m responsible for the web presence of our department. We made a big transition two years ago, and that was somewhat fun. But now people just routinely want me to change stuff… current events, typos, staff lists… and I hate it.

Shannon asked 7 months ago · 11 answers

What contraception are you on?

What re the pros and cons of it?

Merida asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

Can you lose when you never wanted to win?

You can achieve anything you want, if you don’t want anything.

Daniel asked 7 months ago · 13 answers

What will happen when Putin realizes that his plan doesn't work?

I think the recent news have answered this question

Pandy asked 7 months ago · 15 answers

Welfare Check! How are you feeling? Are things going as well as they can for you at the moment?

Dingus asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

Are you surprised?

Daniel asked 7 months ago · 11 answers

What's the best way to stop russia?

The best way, if feasible, is to turn Russia against itself. Make it unstable, forcing change from within.

Otherwise, prepare NATO borders, and isolate Russia economically - wary of the risk that we might provoke a new axis of evil of Russia, China, Iran, etc

Kate Matsuda asked 7 months ago · 10 answers

I am waiting for Spain to follow Putin's arguments and threatens Belgium and the Netherlands to make their provinces new and independent nations under Spanish protectorate.

Just wait until Italy remembers its old borders.

Daniel asked 7 months ago · 12 answers

Do you think it's likely that Russia will also invade Poland soon?

Even Putin is afraid of article 5. I don’t think he dares to do that.