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Daniel · 9 answers · 1y

What do you imagine a photon to look like?

Usually I am very aware that the concept of looking like breaks down when we talk about photons. If I need to visualise it, however, I usually just think about white little balls travelling through space or some sort of diffuse wave like space-time region.

Daniel · 12 answers · 1y

What's your favorite controller? Me: the original gamecube controller

Daniel · 15 answers · 1y

Should i give you 3 million € or double it and give it to someone else?

Give it to me. I will more than double it and have a life long donation commitment. It’s probably better for everyone.

Arman · 6 answers · 2y

I listened to a podcast which was about Britain during the reign of King Charles I and how terrible a king he was. What I don't quite get is why some people continue to commemorate him each year. In your country, is there any historical figure who is still commemorated
despite doing terrible things in their time?

Daniel · 11 answers · 2y

Is 0 a natural number?

Of course it is. And any mathematician who tells you otherwise ist just a bad metaphysician

Dingus · 7 answers · 2y

What part of your body showcases a prominent amount of muscle?

Pandy · 12 answers · 2y

Should sex education in schools also include good sex and foreplay techniques?

I learned in sex ed where people commonly have erogenous zones. Gives you a rough map of where the fun is. I think any more details would require practical instruction and I would have some objections there.

Ed Hunter · 6 answers · 2y

Is it morally correct for the West to complain about press freedom in Russia, while closing down Russian news channels in thir own countries?

LaDamaX · 15 answers · 2y

What specific task do you especially dislike doing at work?

I’m responsible for the web presence of our department. We made a big transition two years ago, and that was somewhat fun. But now people just routinely want me to change stuff… current events, typos, staff lists… and I hate it.

Merida · 8 answers · 2y

Can you lose when you never wanted to win?

Daniel · 11 answers · 2y

What will happen when Putin realizes that his plan doesn't work?

Pandy · 12 answers · 2y

Welfare Check! How are you feeling? Are things going as well as they can for you at the moment?

Daniel · 8 answers · 2y

What's the best way to stop russia?

The best way, if feasible, is to turn Russia against itself. Make it unstable, forcing change from within.

Otherwise, prepare NATO borders, and isolate Russia economically - wary of the risk that we might provoke a new axis of evil of Russia, China, Iran, etc

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