Zen. · 16 answers · 1y

What's your midnight thoughts?

Thinking about dying my hair red tapi kata temenku ciri-ciri orang stress, menurutmu gimana?

life's been hard lately. yea it's honestly always hard but nowadays it's getting harder. hope i'll do well tho!!

It’s at 1, I ever though that, “Can any love truly be unconditional?” since I’d rather think that human’s feelings can be change any times, in unexpected ways— if they say they’re loving you unconditionally, why is the feelings change? I used to think that unconditional love is the purest and kind of true love that I used to be dreamed of.

bisa kita bahas di pc? nanti satu timeline kasihan dan nangis lihat jawabanku kalo aku jabarin di sini.

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