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· 48 answers · 7mo

Name your top 3 childhood beloved TV series!

kana · 23 answers · 8mo

kalau dikasih waktu 1 hari buat jalan-jalan sama idolmu, kamu mau jalan-jalan sama siapa?

kana · 16 answers · 8mo

kalau kalian disuruh bikin 3 permintaan yang pasti dikabulin, kalian bakal minta apa aja?

p.s. nggak boleh minta tambah permintaan! :p

kana · 21 answers · 8mo

be honest, would you rather hear bitter truths or sweet lies?

kana · 27 answers · 8mo

hola! what song are you currently listening to on repeat?

kana · 35 answers · 8mo

if you can only choose one, which one will you choose: to love or to be loved?

kana · 36 answers · 8mo

tell me, how long was your longest relationship?

kana · 35 answers · 8mo

kalau disuruh pilih dua opsi di antara brain, personality, dan looks, kalian pilih apa?

kana · 32 answers · 8mo

kalau punya pintu ke mana ajanya doraemon, kalian mau pergi ke mana dulu?

kana · 26 answers · 8mo

do you think cheaters deserve a second chance? why?

kana · 16 answers · 8mo

hei, have you ever felt lonely in the midst of a crowd?

kana · 19 answers · 8mo

what is your favorite term of endearment (pet name)?

珠稟。 · 10 answers · 8mo

What would you do if you found out that your closest friend cheated on their partner?

I was in this phase. Karena gak bisa diingetin, aku memilih buat jaga jarak. Bebal soalnya.

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