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What are some effective ways to cope with feelings of sadness?

Kalo gue, beresin rumah atau kamar, terus dengerin lagu-lagu happy abistu makan yang enak

Each person has their own coping mechanism imo, so I don't know if mine would work on you. But, sleep to get away from the feelings of sadness temporarily is how I cope. Other than that is to focus on myself doing positive things that could bring changes (in a positive way) for me, or simply watching cats video, it could heal my soul.

Be brave and let it be. If you're feeling sad it's okay for u to sulk and cry and if you're happy you're allowed to celebrate it. Live your life lively, we can't control something that happens to us, but we can control how we respond to things that we can't control.

going outside to breathe the fresh air. but the most effective way is just letting yourself feel the emotions, it’s totally okay to feel the sadness until it doesn’t hurt anymore

Some effective ways to cope with feelings of sadness include engaging in physical activity, practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or meditation, connecting with loved ones or a therapist, engaging in a hobby or activity that brings joy, and allowing oneself to feel and experience the emotions without judgment or suppression. It is important to seek help if feelings of sadness persist or interfere with daily functioning.

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