marumi · 11 answers · 10mo

guys ayo kita halu dulu, kalau dikasih kesempatan tuker tubuh sama artis mau jadi siapa? :]

I found this question kind of difficult. But let me shoot my shot. It would be Komatsu Nana or Cindy Kimberly. Both iconic.

i would love to be ahn seongmin from cravity! simply because i want people find comforts whenever they saw me around, whenever my arms lingers around their shoulders. just like how i see seongmin as a personified of comfort.

It would be NCT’s Mark and Jeno. I love the way they utter their words and action to loving NCT members, especially for NCT Dream. The bound of these two is truly incredible. Sometimes, Leader needs to lean onto his Captain and his Captain take a role if his Leader couldn’t attend to some schedule. Sometimes, Captain needs his Leader to get a bunch of appreciate words and a head pats after did those Leader and Captain thingy together. I want to have a relationship with others like them.

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