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R. · 31 answers · 1mo

What makes someone less attractive in your eyes?

Meddling too much with people's affairs, having unimportant opinions (and this is just a waste of time...please use your time as best as possible), having a big mouth, don't like other people's opinions or thoughts (this is a very stubborn personality, please keep me away from people like that), by indiscriminate i mean s/he doesn't accept refutation of reasons even if you are right all at once...that's very annoying to me.

· 4mo

if you were a writer, what would you choose between novelist and letterer?

Someone who's curious · 6mo

what was your opinion on the teletubbies?

They are cute, and one of the things I got from them, they eat pink jam(?) I have been curious about the taste and texture of food since I was little.

Theresia. · 19 answers · 7mo

what makes you guys decide to cut off someone?

Sometimes i'm a little uncomfortable with people who take a long time to reply in my real life, but are quick to reply to messages if they need it.

Pandy · 6 answers · 7mo

What is a topic you think people must have an opinion on? (i.e. having 'no opinion' is an issue for X topic)

The topic is about history, because there are definitely various opinions about each history. {i think}. 🤔

Pandy · 8 answers · 8mo

If you were stuck eating the same breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for the rest of your life - what food would you pick for these meals?

Someone who's curious · 8mo


Greyson Pedro. · 13 answers · 10mo

Varian Indomie kesukaan lo apa kalau boleh tau?

Greyson Pedro. · 10 answers · 10mo

Let's interact, how was your weekend?

Greyson Pedro. · 11 answers · 10mo

Saranin menu sarapan dong, tolong. Bingung banget nih.

Vié · 15 answers · 10mo

HAIIII! This is the first time I greet you by asking how you are doing. how are you guys? everything is fine??

Hi, Vie! Salam kenal ya! 😻 Bersyukur hari senin aku lancar dan gak ada kendala sedikit pun. Kalau kamu gimana hari seninnya nih? ><

Someone who's curious · 10mo

What's the thing you like to do on your free time?

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