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what makes you guys decide to cut off someone?

Deciding to cut someone off is not something I take lightly, but sometimes it is necessary for my own peace and well-being. There may be a variety of reasons why I make that decision, but ultimately it is about choosing my own well-being and protecting my own boundaries. It’s about being willing to walk away from unhealthy relationships or ones that are no longer good for me. If someone is bringing negativity into my life and is causing more harm than good, it may be beneficial to create some distance and take a step back from that relationship. Eventually, cutting ties is about choosing myself and my own happiness.

When someone direspect the lil things and take them for granted. Keep it brief or cut them off, i let someone go as far as they want and if they crossed the line i'll cut off or removed from my life indiscriminately. I don't like extra shit.

Sometimes i'm a little uncomfortable with people who take a long time to reply in my real life, but are quick to reply to messages if they need it.

Engga ada alasan spesifik, tapi biasanya aku cut off orang karena emang ngerasa udah engga nyaman aja temenan sama dia {karena satu dan hal lainnya}. Setelah itu, menurutku mereka udah terlalu ngelewatin batas dari segi perkataan atau tingkah laku.

When they've crossed the line that I decide on my own. Sounds selfish but that's how I keep my sanity on control.

When I feel like, they kept repeating toxic behaviors patterns. Something that doesn’t right for me and makes me feel not good.

If someone crosses my boundaries without feeling bad or even trying to apologize, I've zero patience for that kind of person. They're showing their true colors and I'm better off cutting them out of my life.

hmmm, simply because i started to feel unwanted around them? aside from that, prolly because they have broke my trust and left me with unpleasant feelings. i can easily cutting off peoples though :]

when it started being uncomfortable to see them on a daily basis. i barely cut people off tbh, i tend to forgive (or even forget it easily). but when i do, it means they got me exhausted (as much as it could be) to the point i won't bear with it anymore.

The way they treated me. Also if they don't respect or betrayed me. I have no mercy with it

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