Pandy · 8 answers · 9mo

If you were stuck eating the same breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for the rest of your life - what food would you pick for these meals?

avocado toast with eggs for breakfast. and coffee. I’m not a big lunch eater so maybe I’d pick something and just eat it sometimes like stir fried veggies. and for dinner chicken souvlaki salad.

I would just go utilitarian since I will likely tire of whatever it is anyway...I think I would just eat omelets - whatever protein with vegetable and cheese and some toast or hash browns, should be everything I need

I would go with pancakes for breakfast. Tuna salad for lunch (cause I can have bread with it for sandwich purposes😁) and dinner I'd go with Meat Loaf and rice with brown gravy🥲😋

Some sort of meat (or protein), a starch and a vegetable. I think eventually you’d probably succumb to some sort of disease or other health issue brought on by malnutrition from not getting enough of a varied diet.

Probably a turkey wrap from Publix, with a spinach wrap, Boar's head turkey, honey mustard, Swiss cheese, sliced tomatoes, spinach leaves, banana peppers, mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, pickles, jalapeno peppers, cucumbers, and deli sauce. Healthy and delicious.

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