Jane ౨ৎ

Don’t fall from grace.

Vila Nova de Gaia.
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Theo. · 14 answers · 5mo

Hi boleh saranin gw lagu yang cocok buat yang lagi kasmaran gak? :)

Serenity · 23 answers · 5mo

A song you’d recommend, please? I am trying to find new hidden gems.

A curious kitty cat · 5mo

pamer pacar terus terusan ga takut putus? 🤣

Anon, apa nggak takut habis ngirim beginian, langsung dicabut nyawamu sama Tuhan YME?

A curious kitty cat · 6mo

Kak Jane cantik, semangat! Please be kinder to yourself 💗

Thank you, my dearest darling. 🧡 Reminder to be softer and kinder to yourself, too.

Jericho Emmanuel Daneswara · 6mo

meeting you as my bestfriend is truly one of the best decision in my life

HEY you know I always found it amusing how easily we clicked on our first conversation. 🥺 Thank you for being one of the most meaningful people to have decorated my 2023, cintaku. 🧡

A curious kitty cat · 6mo

aku laper banget bub saran mam dong :<

Buat yang punya pacar: Mam pacar.
Buat yang jomblo: Mam apapun boleh tapi GAK BOLEH mie instan nanti aku cubit.

A curious kitty cat · 6mo

baby boo mending aku beli pc anton atau bisa makan seminggu?

Sheronne. · 15 answers · 12mo

Mending terdampar di kutub utara atau gurun sahara?

Sheronne. · 13 answers · 12mo

Kalau bisa ngapus satu hari dalam seminggu, mau hapus hari apa?

Isela. · 9 answers · 12mo

What sentence do you say to yourself when you want to move on from someone/the past?

A curious kitty cat · 1y

any thoughts on boys/girls code?

· 12 answers · 1y

Do you know your Rising Sign and what is it? ・ᴗ・

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