nana 𓂃 ࣪˖ ִֶָ

my six eyes tell me ure gay

ic: to_0fu
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gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 1mo

idk if ur active on here lawl but ill just reply 2 ur question here
( ) i've just been ok mostly but still quite depressed 🥲 that's just how life is tho 💔 i rly hope ur doing better than just ok tho 🫶🏼 - mimi

HEYYY SORRY I JUST SAW THIS T__T thank you so much but i really hope the same for you too! if you ever need to talk even if it's the smallest thing i'm always here for u ok 🫶 really sending much much love to you mimi 🩷

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 2mo

omg YAY hehe, i requested 😌🫶🏼 - mimi

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 2mo

hey omg i finally made a twt priv acc but i dont wanna like. share it here JSHSJSJH but just know its svt related! if its ok, can i pls follow ur priv acc? if so, can u pls give me the @ here? - mimi

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 3mo

wahhh i appreciate ur compliments a lot.. ur so sweetie pie nice too 🥰 - mimi

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 3mo

ur so adorbs btw ☺️ - mimi

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 3mo

I GOT SO FAKWING WORRIED OUR MESSAGES WERE GONEJWHGWKSHNJMKWQ< I WAS LIKE A BIT UPSET WAHHHH .. anyway HAI! hru 😭 (btw ill properly respond 2 ur message when i get a chance, just wanna throw this silly message out here 4 now hehe) - mimi

IM SO SORRY KAJJSNS i should've mentioned it to you my bad 😭 im fine tho how about you!! and yea its ok take your time!! ^^

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 4mo
gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 4mo

dont apologize 😅 its all good 🫶🏼 anyway i rly appreciate ur luv coming my way.. sending it 2 u as well hehe - mimi

thank you so much i really appreciate it too 🫶 anyways how have u been!! do u have any new interests or what ure interested in rn~ (if u dont mind me asking ofc!)

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 4mo

hai sry for suddenly going ia.. its been 2 long 🥲 how r u ☹️❤️‍🩹 - mimi

hii omg sorry i just saw this but it's ok!! u dont have to apologise at all, sending much love to u 🫶🫶💗

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 5mo

ahh hi >< i would've messaged u this on ur crd retrospring but it was kinda overly personal to send on ur other retrospring acc lol so im sending it here.. hope u dont mind btw !! first of all, tysm 4 complimenting my name.. that means a lot ^^ also idm u calling me by my name !! that would be nice~ ++ u dont gotta thank me, bcus its always np ♡

anyway.. hope u dont mind me asking again, hru? anything u interested in lately? :0 - mimi

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 5mo

yea it's so unappealing and it gives people eyestrain like there's no good reason to make carrds like that or even like them 😭 OH WAIT i think i've read a thread about pup, i dont really remember which crds he made but thanks for letting me know!

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 5mo

random questions but what r least favorite kinda carrds? as in liek.. u just think they’re not easy to read or like ugly idk lol 😭 just wanna be kinda controversial hehe ( ill answer with the carrds made by redacted in 2021 n it become an unfortunate carrd trend that luckily died out lol ) - 🌈

gojo ˖ ࣪ ⊹ · 5mo

ive been a mixture of bad, good, n just meh tbh.. idk its been a lot in my personal life 😣 but uh yea !! just wanted to chat w/ u hehe.. hruuu 🫶🏼 - 🌈

ah i understand, i do hope that things will get better and if you ever need someone to talk to im always here <33 and i've been okay! just a little tired 😴

connor <3 · 6mo

hi jia , i cant log into my carrd acc lol :)

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