ISFP-T. Games and k-variety shows enthusiast. Obsessed with Snoopy and Charlie Brown (teehee). Enjoy singing and drawing as hobbies. <3

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Hunter Archibald. 8 answers 7mo

Sebutkan satu lagu yang lagi direpeat terus belakangan ini

Hunter Archibald. 6 answers 7mo

Song of the year versi kalian di tahun 2023 ini apa guys?

Aurora Khione 25 answers 1y

good eve, retrosp friends! long time no interact . . so, how are you today? is everything going well?

Good evening too! These two days have been good, I think I started to know how to enjoy the process in something that I'm focusing on. Wish me luck for this year and good luck for everything you do as well! <3

Bubbles 路 1y

It's kind of weird that I miss you. Miss you as in I really want to meet you and ask your day personally and hang out with you all day. It's weird because we have never met.. yet. :,D

Hey, thank you for this message. But I don't know who you are, I really have no idea. Are you an old friend of mine, or we ever talked before?

Hunter Archibald. 14 answers 1y

Mind to tell me what's your favorite genre of movies?

Romance, action, comedy, slice of life, and mystery? I'm bad at horror and thriller, but thriller >>> horror for me 馃槀

Aurora Khione 20 answers 1y

happy val's day, i hope you realize how special you are to me and to the people around you. you are amazing, you should know that. sending you lots of love! xoxo, raquelle 馃挋

That's really sweet of you! I hope you had a belated day, also received chocolates from your beloved ones! Oh and even if you didn't, still you're deserved to be loved! 馃グ

je-nyangi 馃悎鈥嶁瑳 17 answers 1y

random question, if you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Aurora Khione 13 answers 1y

night beautiful souls! 馃尫, long time no interact. . i just noticed that many of you are not my twitter friends? so, do you want to be friends there? please leave your username and i鈥檒l follow you. mine is @lughtyear

je-nyangi 馃悎鈥嶁瑳 11 answers 1y

which season do you like the most?

I like Spring! It's neither too warm or too cold, just perfect weather. Also during spring the flowers bloom, looking at beautiful flowers makes me happy heheheh <3

Hunter Archibald. 12 answers 1y

Apa betul pop mie kalo dikasih es berubah jadi pop ice?

Hunter Archibald. 8 answers 1y

How you guys spend Val鈥檚 day this year? Quality time with someone special?

I actually don't really celebrate it because we always can show affection to our beloved ones everyday, but maybe I'm gonna spend time together with my bf? Hahahahah 馃ぃ

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