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Yasmine · 6 answers · 5mo

are you healed or trying not to think about it?

I would bravely said that im healed! The wound is closed with a very colorful and beautiful bandage🤍

Shaneil Eliyas · 17 answers · 6mo

Boleh nga kasih aku rekomendasi lagu yang kalian denger kalau lagi rain

Kalau lagi rian, aku suka banget dengerin The End nya Kwon Jinah! Tapi aku juga suka dengerin Sweatshirt nya Patrick Hizon dan EJEAN hihi.

Medina · 8 answers · 6mo

does anybody have any movie or series recommendations? (no horror or gore, please!)

I just finished Dailydose of Sunshine, its really good and i love the story line. Its a series by the way :]

Shaneil Eliyas · 9 answers · 8mo

Infokan movie atau series favorite kalian

My all time favorite will be Confession of a Shopaholic and Legally Blonde 1,2,3! I dont know how to answer this, but i would say Mouse series left a big impression on me

Chayyi. · 19 answers · 10mo

If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?

I would love to be Matilda in Matilda movies😂. Imagine having the most genius brain on earth, a loving caretaker (after she's being adopted), and a telekinesis power!

me0w · 10mo

Can you give me some good job? I haven’t consumed any caffeine in a week. :)

For real?!😂 Congrats on unlocking a new achievement, me0w! You did a really-really-really good job patpat. I hope you can continue this. But heeey it wouldnt hurt you if you consume a good amount of caffeine. Just dont overdo it like you used to i guess🤍

Yasmine · 8 answers · 10mo

If it's unhealthy but it makes you happy, would you still do it?

Yasmine · 9 answers · 11mo

What did you learn from your past relationship?

Quiet a lot actually, but i'll tell you one. Going overboard on understanding is not going to make the relationship last forever.

me0w · 12mo

You did well.

Thank you for saying what i wanted to hear these days! I believe you did well too these days. Wishing you the bestest luck for your future path too, anon!🤍

Yasmine · 1y


Yaya istighfar deh menurut gw. Stop tiap detik pingin ciuman. Udah saatnya lu perbanyak istighfar ~_~

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