“Always be yourself because if you are not yourself, who are you?”

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Dame, K. · 16 answers · 8mo

apa yg kamu lakuin jika kamu berusaha 'nyembuhin luka' pacarmu tapi justru kamu yang makin terluka?

Putus. I'm not their therapist and it's toxic already, buat apa nyembuhin luka orang lain kalo ternyata malah munculin luka baru buat diri sendiri? Sebuah hubungan itu seharusnya bikin kita bahagia—terlepas dari masalah yang pasti ada aja—bukan malah menambah luka.

Nath. · 2 answers · 8mo

Do you think aliens in a distant galaxy have their own version of reality TV shows?

Dame, K. · 22 answers · 8mo

if u have a chance to meet ur child version, what would you like to say?

You did amazing, makasih ya udah mau bertahan. Karena kamu, aku bisa sekuat sekarang. Thank you so much, litte Rei, I owe you a lot.

Hamza · 9mo

Your type of bf / gf?

I don't really have a type other than the one that can make me feel comfortable to the point where I can be myself, but your question made me realize I mostly fall for someone who can make me laugh. So I guess, humorist person is a plus point for me. How about you?

Hamza · 9mo

What's your recent favorite song?

Hamza · 9mo

If you were born as an animal, what could it be?

𝑬, Madelaine. · 9mo

Knock ─ knock, hello Reina!
I just wanted to drop by and say hello to you. 🕊️🤍 Hoping you always filled with a multitide of satisfactions melded with exhilaration. You've been doing great! ‎♡

Good evening, Miss. That's so sweet of you, by the way. I hope the same goes for you as well. The weekend is just around the corner, and I hope you can spend your weekend well after such hectic days. You deserve a good rest! ⚘♡

Ashie. · 9mo

hello! mind to tell me about your Monday? anyway, this is the sender of the menfess!

Hello there, Ashie! My monday just so-so, honestly. There's nothing much. How about yours?

𝑬, Madelaine. · 10mo

Hello, Reina! Let me shoot you a follow ya. By the way, if you got a chance to travel, where would you travel to for one month?

Hello, E! I've followed you back, yaa~!

I think Switzerland and Croatia would be my choice. How about you?

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