Karicia. · 22 answers · 9mo

if u have a chance to meet ur child version, what would you like to say?

Taking things slow is totally okay as long as you know and feel that you are on the right path, you don't have to keep checking everyone's timeline and just because others have done it and they are way ahead of you, doesn't mean you are behind and need to keep being in a rush of everything because you have your own timeline, you do things in your own pace.

its okay to make mistakes. you dont need to beat yourself up over something thats already done. its also okay to rebel a little bit. you’re a child, so its completely okay to act like one.

If I had the chance to meet younger version of myself, I’d tell her to eat carrots regularly

You did amazing, makasih ya udah mau bertahan. Karena kamu, aku bisa sekuat sekarang. Thank you so much, litte Rei, I owe you a lot.

don't grow up to fast, make a lot of friends, don't always be alone, don't forget to smile, study is important and always happy.

what if. . i would like to said " keep take your medicine, don't push yourself to much,, you just child its okay to cry, please don't stop trying, its okay you cant get what you want, its just a phase. cheer up. " Maybe something like that.

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