Kiara Jenna Armora.
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Be kind, be gentle.


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Ashton · 14 answers · 7mo

Kalau kalian stress biasanya ngapain? (selain main CA)

Dabria · 12mo

What's your favourite dessert?

Lotta. · 14 answers · 9mo

3 top jajanan yang biasanya beli di indomart?

Chitato Lite (previously known as Lay's) rasa rumput laut, Chiki Twist (previously known as Cheetos) rasa jagung bakar, & Pristine.

Lotta. · 10 answers · 9mo

what is your comfort food?

Claudia Sinclair. · 4 answers · 9mo

This comes to a cliche question; If money was not an issue, what would you be doing with your life?

Study abroad either for a master's degree again in a different concentration (yet it is still relevant to my previous major) or continue to a Ph.D. program.

Lotta. · 6 answers · 9mo

hi! how are you doing today? gimana bulan Juninya this far?

I'm not doing well due to my old illness, but I will get better soon. Thank you for asking, and I hope yours is better than mine, Carl. Miss you, anyways!

Mr/Ms. Kind. · 10mo

Just want to check you up. Are you good, Jenn?

I'm pretty good, and I hope yours is better than mine. Thank you for checking me up nonetheless, dear Anon! Have a good night ahead! 🫶.

Antoine Pierre. · 10mo

I'd like to know your first and current impression of me too, Jenna.

My first impression of you is you're easy to approach because you're humble and welcome everyone, including me. Yet, as far as I know, I can see you're not easy to open, but I think you're still someone that can rely on by your beloved people.

Dabria · 10 answers · 10mo

Are you written by Taylor, Mitski, Lana, or other composers?

I am written by none of them but myself. Yet, I found some pieces of myself in Taylor's songs.

Mr/Ms. Kind. · 10mo

nilai lagu ini dari 1-10

I'll give it 9 out of 10! The song gives me serenity, and I also like the lyrics. It's indeed beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with me, dear Anon. X.

Antoine Pierre. · 6 answers · 10mo

Do you have any movie recommendations that you think should be watched at least once in your life?

Ashton · 8 answers · 11mo

Gimana kabarnya para jama’ah?

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