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What is something you wish others knew about you?

I want people to know that I'm introverted and anti-social, so when I'm feeling social, please respect my energy. And also I want people to know, that if I have determined that "oh, this is mine" then forever as long as I don't let it go, then it's still mine.

i hate asking for help as well as leaning on others by any means because of these piling up excessive thoughts and bad scenarios playing in my head, so when somebody helps and make me rest myself for some moments… that’ll make me grow fonder of them, i’d think of paying them back one thousand times better.

That I actually had a fragile heart. You can easily break my heart by doing silent treatment or just ignore me, leave me, bcs it's the most scary things for me. I'm weak. I just want to be loved like the way I love people. I also need someone to lean on, bcs I can feel tired too.

I'm not as tough as I looked outside, I'm pretty much fragile and need to be taken care of, lol. I looked intimidating in real life and also somewhat unfriendly (because I tend to unlike people easily), but deep inside is the opposite.

that i am actually kind andddd ga segalak dan sejudes itu •́⁠ ⁠ ⁠‿⁠ ⁠,⁠•̀

I always pray for the people I care about to be healthy wherever and whenever and protected from harm

I’m an introvert so my quiet disposition comes across to some people as me being too serious, cold, intimidating; and I’m not any of these things at all.

Gua gak galak kalau udah kenal, emang cara gua perhatian macem kaya lu masuk wamil 😂

i try my best to be your good friends & good listener! i dont want you to be lonely so please if you have anything/story to tell, just DM me okay? 🤍

That I genuinely care for each and every one of my friends but I have no energy to.. talk.. :[

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