Kaela L. · 24 answers · 1y

What can make you feel the most loved based on your love language?

Being told that I've done my best. I just need simple words to make my day better.

Lovlang quality time jadi aku suka ditemanin pacar aku walau ga ngapa-ngapain. Terus kedua kadang WOA dan ketika Receiving Gifts!

being accompanied eventho we'll do nothing, you do you! i'll do my business too. mhm APALAGI YA.. sometimes i just need simply comfie words to make me feel better.

I feel loved when someone pays me attention, remembers the little things I've said to them, gives words of encouragement, and wants to spend time with me.

When he always kept me updated on how things were going, and told me little things, or anything to keep the conversation, 'cause I will also do the same. When he remembers little things about me, and always gives me pat-pat, hugs and kisses. ♡%

I don't really mind certain love languages, honestly. It's just always beautiful in every love languages.

being told if i don't have to worried about this or that when i'm jealous, say i love you once a day, tell me if i'm enough for them. guess the love language

when he remembers about the little things i said and doesn't take things for granted? for example he gave me a bouquet of flowers on valentines day? basic but not everyone wants to do it.

mm quality time!! every second together is precious to me and when he wants to make time for me makes me feel so loved 💗

when someone talk/mention about good things I did or have with the other person, I'm the one and only to them, basically offer their time for me just to keep me company <3

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