Puniko asked 10 months ago · 15 answers

Whats your favorite place to chill out?

Wherever my blåhaj is really, because whenever I'm doing nothing by myself I will be overthinking and hugging my blåhaj lets me focus on it instead. So that's usually in my bed or on my couch!

By the shore of the lake, we have cool abrupt shores. Unfortunately not easy to get to the cooler places but definitely my favourite, even though I go there rarely.

if i can invite someone chill over, at my place, otherwise theres a nice space i go to a lot

Nowadays, since I have to drive everywhere, I just chill at home. But when I was more in the city I'd hang out at parks, close to the water, or just wander the city. With friends, we don't really have one place. The most consistent location is a karaoke place downtown, I guess.

My bed. It's a safe space for me where I can just be by myself

I normally just find weird sitting positions in my chair. That's enough chill for me

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