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if you have adhd, what are some of the methods you tried to get stuff done? which methods worked for you and which didn't?
if you don't have adhd, just ignore this question.

Uhm I don't know if I have AD(H)D, but I suspect it so uhh 🥴

i try to get rid of distractors like phones or something but it doesn't work most of the time since then i just stare at the window

I don't have an ADHD diagnosis but I probably have it (and I do have autism) so I'll chime in anyways.

I try to schedule some time to do a certain task on a particular day. That so far is somewhat successful but it isn't perfect. There's probably better ways to get stuff done.

I'm not diagnosed but i relate with many issues so for working i need to have the things i need open, and things that distract my self closed, need to write in a notebook the steps of how i will do the work for not losing myself in the process and it's better if i have some relaxed music also i have seen some improvements in concentration while listening to white noise

I like to use a pomodoro app to work without overwhelming and to avoid distraction with my phone

I'm not diagnosed but I've noticed I relate to adhd issues a heavy amount and I've been kinda thinking I do have it lately. I've been told I might have it, but brushed it off.

The main thing that I often have to do to do things is to shut down everything except the thing I want to do. If I make it at least very inconvenient to access distractions then it increases the chances I can get what I want to do done. I'm not really sure about any other techniques to help. I still struggle to do a lot of things I want to do 🥴

In my case it's weird (i have "minor" adhd). Nothing is consistent.

One thing can help is getting rid of distractions out of sight. Another thing that helps me is being organized. Keeping stuff in phases as much as possible keeps me from going depressed.

Despite all that... I need to work on my infra but working on my debugger has been nicer... bleh. Dunno about motivation. I have that fear of failure.

i don't know if i have adhd, but i do have autism, and a lot of methods have worked for me... but none of them have worked long-term. i seem doomed to try to organize myself every year so i can get stuff done, only for it to all fall apart in a retraumatizing mental breakfown

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