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Danish K. Gabriel · 4 answers · 9d

Cuaca panas/cuaca dingin?

Sheon · 20 answers · 10d

Guys, share lagu yang currently lagi kalian denger dongs

Cerebro · 15d

geng kamu lagi cari pacar gak nino

Cerebro · 15d

Lucuu, Nino, kamu lucu.

Cerebro · 15d

Eh lucu banget. Kok kamu salting, Nino?

Cerebro · 16d

Nino dan temen-temen lucu bangett

Cerebro · 24d

Ninoo, lagi deket sama orang ya?

Danish K. Gabriel · 5 answers · 26d

Spill urutan mandi kamu

1. Buka baju
2. Sikat gigi
3. Basahin badan
4. Shampoo-an
5. Bilas
6. Sabunan
7. Bilas
8. Cuci muka
9. Handukan
10. Pake baju

Cerebro · 30d

Top three songs in TTPD versi Nino apaa?

Cerebro · 30d

Since you said so, I surely will be the happiest. Thank you, Spider-Nino.

Danish K. Gabriel · 4 answers · 30d

Pernah campurin makanan/minuman yang gak biasa atau bahkan ekstrim gak? Kalau pernah, campur makanan/minuman apa?

I will never get tired to say tuang teh manis to your nasi goreng because it tastes like heaven.

Cerebro · 1mo

Mine has been so sweet and bitter at the same times but I still love it by the way, thank you for asking, Nino. Nino, I wish you to live a happy life. I wish you to live a fun life and I wish you always be surrounded by good things. I wish from now on, when the sun comes up tomorrow, you will be the happiest Spider-Nino to ever exist.

Spider-Nino? That’s such a beautiful nickname. Nobody has ever called me that before, thank you. :] I hope you’ll always have a way to be happy and content with your life, dear sender. It’ll never be easy but just remember you can try to find a light in every darkness. I hope everything nice that you’ve wished for me will be back to you as well. You’ll be the happiest too, and I’ll pray for your happiness from here.

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