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There’s always the first time for everything. Now tell me; What was the first movie you watched and what do you think about it?

Experiencing something for the first time is often memorable and leaves a lasting impression, I agree. However, I cannot recall the first movie I ever watched, as I am not much of a movie enthusiast. If my memory serves me right, the first movie I ever saw was with my father, who was an avid movie buff. He loved Jim Carrey, so I believe the first movie I watched was one of his movies. But to be honest, I am not entirely sure.

i'm uncertain if this movie qualifies as my first because i've been watching movies since I was young, but the one that truly impacted me was Avatar (2009). my love for it continues with Avatar: The Way Of Water, just like how obsessed I was with the first movie. you know it damn well, right? :3

I guess it's Narnia? I don't think I quite remember the plot tho it's been awhile. Should I rewatch it?

I can’t recall it clearly since it was a very looong time ago, but it was one of those from Star Wars original trilogy! The beginning of my Star Wars freak arc I think

Jurrasic Park, I was 4 years old I think when my father decided to traumatized me by bringing his baby to watch that gruelsome movie 😅 I have a crush on branchiosaurus that time, and I was so terrified with T-rex.

I don't clearly remember which movie but i think it's Harry Potter? A movie that i will never get bored to watch it again over and over again. Although i know it's still not as perfect as in the book but i truly like the movie! Even i think i (almost) remember all storylines.

It's been too long since I would answer something related to a specific movie but here we go!! I used to dislike film or movie but I got hooked by National Treasure (I've been rewatching the series) and personally, I feel like maybe that's why I fancy action and mystery movies so much! I couldn't lay my eyes elsewhere because even though the scenes are too tense, but it's exciting and entertaining enough! I keep wondering about the next moves, the next interactions, etc. How about yours, Nino?

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