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Kalau punya pasangan suka stalking, kalian tipe yang malah seneng atau mikir berarti dia curigaan (gak percaya)?

If I date them, it means I already have a depiction of their personality and behavior when it comes to certain things, including stalking and their purpose in doing so.. therefore I'd know when I see it, whether they are being suspicious or simply enjoying me yapping on social media. So what I feel about it is solely depends on which one is their purpose.

as long as it's not too much aku fine fine aja kok. malahan aku senang kalo pasanganku suka stalking buat make sure akunya lagi baik baik aja apa engga >:0

Engga, someone has change my mind kalau orang stalk kita itu gak selalu soal dia curigaan, it can be they just want to know what happened to my life while they can't be here wimme. They just want to make sure that i'm living my best life. They just want to know everything about me.

It's fine if it's within reasonable limits, as long as they tell me when they see something that makes them uncomfortable, that's fine. But if it crosses the boundaries and becomes excessive, I wouldn't be pleased.

It's fine if they understand the boundaries, as long as they don't go too far. But once they cross that line, it basically shows a lack of trust in me

I'm happy if the aim is simply to check in (in a good way) since i'd do likewise. But, if it's about restricting my interact or being over-possessive, i wouldn't be pleased.

We all had that curiosity within us so it's fine. As long as we still put trust in each other and respect one another.

As long as it's not too much, i'm okay with that. I'll happy if she/he still trust on me. If they stalking me too much, and still don't believe at me, then we will talk about her/his issues.

I don't mind as long as they let me know if they discover something strange later.

if it's still in the normal range, then i'm fine (and probably happy) with it, as long as they still trust me and talk to me when they overthink about something i did.

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